Patient Perspectives and the Value of PROs in Oncology Health Care

Understanding the different types of Patient-reported outcomes (PROs), strengths and limitations of PROs. Ways to collect PROs, the role of medical apps and social media.

Faculty Chair

Prof. Dr Matti S. Aapro

President-Elect ECCO

Faculty Chair

Ian Banks, MD

ECCO Board Member, Former Chair ECCO Patient Advisory Committee

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Key Discusion Points

  • How do various types of Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) differ, what are the main characteristics, strengths and limitations of these types of PROs?
  • What are the optimal ways to collect PROs, and what is the role of medical apps and social media in collecting them?
  • Will PROs in RWE influence drug development, reimbursement and regulatory decision-makers?
  • Can pharma support in harmonizing PROs and make it a valuable tool to impact clinical decision making and improve patient’s QoL?

Faculty Members

Prof. Dr Matti S. Aapro

Ian Banks, MD

Ananda Plate, MD (TBC)

Florian Scotté, MD (TBC)

Kathy Oliver, MD (TBC)

A representative from EORTC

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