The use of social media (defined as internet-based tools that allow content-sharing among individuals and communities) by healthcare professionals (HCPs), as well as patients, has ushered in a new era of on-demand communication deemed the “digital revolution.” Gone are the days of having to wait for data dissemination through traditional methods of communication (eg, print […]

In my previous blog (you can read it here) I introduced you to basic search strategies to streamline your literature search on one of the most popular biomedical databases, PubMed. Sometimes, however, it can be useful to go beyond these simple methods of searching. Therefore, in today’s blog, I want to dig a bit deeper. […]

As part of the scientific content team at TRM Oncology, my daily project portfolio is extremely diverse, but boils down to one thing: Effectively communicating the clinical relevance of our clients’ products. Such communication requires well-researched content that is of high quality, accurate, and up to date with the newest medical developments.

Along with numerous networking opportunities, the takeaways regarding industry trends, innovations, discoveries, and advancements are the major benefits of attending an oncology conference. But often, due to the grandiosity of such events, it’s difficult to walk away feeling like you’ve experienced everything you had planned.

In my previous blog post (read it here) I addressed the challenge of overcoming issues around the increasing number of authors in articles. I summarized the 4 conditions for authorship. In addition, authors should be aware of the contributions of their co-authors and have confidence in the integrity of these contributions. Read more about ICMJE […]

Authorship and medical publications are essential to disseminate knowledge about disease, communicate the latest findings from clinical research, and share experiences in patient management across the medical community. With these goals in mind, scientific journals represent the most trustworthy, evidence-based platform that assists healthcare professionals in decision-making to provide patients with the best therapies available. […]

As one of the highest priorities of pharma marketers, engaging with industry leaders is a crucial strategic exercise. Findings from an online survey in 2015 revealed that 62% of medical experts believe that the term “KOL” should be replaced. Yet coming up with an alternative is a challenge.